Ocean Sole

The Challenge

Ocean Sole is passionate about the ocean, its ecosystems and marine wildlife. They recycle flipflops that are found littered on Kenyan beaches and transform them into works of art. The brand has both a charitable and commercial arm and a global footprint as it’s products can be found around the world.

The Plan

The Ocean Sole team came to us with a simple challenge; unify their existing identity into a comprehensive brand that can grow sustainably.

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Brand Nutrition

Avocado’s Brand Nutrition process empowers companies to maintain brand differentiation, relevancy and authenticity while balancing promise and expectation. We aim to create the building blocks of a brand so that the audience learns what to expect from the brand, and the company learns what its brand must deliver to its audience to remain relevant. This results in a richer and more compelling brand experience that the audience can trust, value, and count on.

The Process

We engaed the Ocean sole team in strategy workshops to immerse ourselves in their brand, identify their audiences and define their priorities. The Avocado team conducted extensive research to further support the workshop findings.

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The project resulted in the refresh of Ocean Sole's brand identity. A new logo and supporting elements all summarised in their brand book.